Center for American Progress

: Summit on Education: Reset. Reframe. Reform.
An elementary school teacher speaks to her students at Hazelwood Elementary School in Louisville, Kentucky, January 2022. (Getty/Jon Cherry)

The American education system is at a crossroads, with implications for the future of our democracy, our economy, and national security.

Bringing together researchers, advocates, and policymakers from across the education continuum—early childhood, K-12 education, higher education, and workforce development—this two-day summit will explore a path toward creating a strong progressive agenda for education. Through this event, the Center for American Progress and its partners will reset the conversation concerning education, reframing it as an essential pillar of democracy, and explore reforms that will strengthen education as a crucial vehicle for opportunity for students and their families.

Can’t attend in-person? Join the online audience here.

Center for American Progress

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