Building an Economy for All

Economic growth must be built on the foundation of a strong and secure middle class so that all Americans benefit from growth.

A child holds hands with her father and mother, January 12, 2020. (Getty/The Washington Post/Amanda Andrade-Rhoades)

What We're Doing

Investing in a stronger and more equitable economy

We must continue to invest in research, technology, and innovation in a manner that ensures participation and benefits communities that are too often left behind. Only through such an approach can the United States remain at the cutting edge in an increasingly competitive global market.

Strengthening worker power and economic mobility

We need to increase wages, reduce poverty among working families, increase worker power, and create pathways to economic mobility for all.

Raising the floor for basic living standards

Working toward a stronger and more equitable economy for everyone involves rebuilding, expanding, and strengthening America’s social safety net to make it more comprehensive in eligibility and services as well as more flexible in how it can be accessed and used.

Creating a new social compact with business

A new social compact with business includes a regulatory vision that better aligns investors, companies, and the public interest on critical matters such as climate, workers’ rights, and equality.

Center for American Progress

Improving the Lives of All Americans

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By the numbers


The families of more than 60 million children have received CTC monthly payments since July 2021.

CAP, “Making the CTC and EITC Expansions Permanent Would Reduce Poverty and Grow the Economy” (2021).


In 32 states, a typical family would save more than $100 per week on child care under the Build Back Better Act.

CAP, “The Build Back Better Act Would Greatly Lower Families’ Child Care Costs” (2021).


In a year, workers and their families lose $22.5 billion in wages due to lack of access to paid family and medical leave.

CAP, “A Real Recovery for Women Cannot Happen Without the Build Back Better Agenda” (2021).


The Build Back Better Act would raise $3.6 trillion in revenue to support investments in an inclusive, high-growth economy.

CAP, “Addressing Tax System Failings That Favor Billionaires and Corporations” (2021).

What You Can Do

Recent work


Compact View

CAP Changemakers: Equality for All Past Event

CAP Changemakers: Equality for All

This conversation with Cait Smith and Winnie Stachelberg highlights CAP’s role in developing the Equality Act and current strides to make the country and world more equitable for LGBTQI+ communities.

Cait Smith, Winnie Stachelberg

IPEF Starts To Demonstrate Results Article
President Joe Biden speaks from behind a podium next to other IPEF leaders with country flags in the background.

IPEF Starts To Demonstrate Results

The Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity remains an important geostrategic and geo-economic initiative in the Asia-Pacific region.

Ryan Mulholland

What Would It Take To Stabilize the Debt-to-GDP Ratio? Report
Top of the Capitol building

What Would It Take To Stabilize the Debt-to-GDP Ratio?

Because most of the Bush-era tax cuts were permanently extended, the United States is projected to have the debt ratio rise indefinitely. Closing this fiscal gap would require decreasing primary deficits by 2.1 percentage points of GDP, on average.

Bobby Kogan, Jessica Vela

The Lawsuit Against a New SEC Rule Could Harm Investor Protections Report

The Lawsuit Against a New SEC Rule Could Harm Investor Protections

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit’s decision on the legal petition against the SEC’s private fund advisers rule could open the door to broad attacks on the regulatory framework that Congress authorized the SEC to develop and enforce for capital markets.

Alexandra Thornton

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