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Systematic Inequality Report

Systematic Inequality

The already large racial wealth gap between white and black American households grew even wider after the Great Recession. Targeted policies are necessary to reverse this deepening divide.

Angela Hanks, Danyelle Solomon, Christian E. Weller

Election Security in All 50 States Report

Election Security in All 50 States

A better understanding of how each state can improve election security preparedness can help build urgency for appropriate solutions and arm stakeholders with information to demand increased security measures.

Danielle Root, Liz Kennedy, Michael Sozan, 1 More Jerry Parshall

God, Roy Moore, and Faith in the Resistance Podcast

God, Roy Moore, and Faith in the Resistance

This week, Michele and Igor chat with two guests and discuss the intersection of religion and politics, specifically Christian nationalism and the pairing of progressivism and faith.

Michele L. Jawando, Igor Volsky, Sally Tucker, 2 More Jack Jenkins, Rachel Rosen

Voter Trends in 2016 Report

Voter Trends in 2016

CAP’s comprehensive new analysis of 2016 turnout and voting patterns reveals important and surprising results about what happened in the election.

Rob Griffin, Ruy Teixeira, John Halpin

Distorted Districts, Distorted Laws Report

Distorted Districts, Distorted Laws

When legislators pick their voters through gerrymandering, they are less accountable and responsive to the public policy preferences of their constituents.

Billy Corriher, Liz Kennedy

Suppression: A Common Thread in American Democracy Article
A statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee is removed from Lee Circle Friday, May 2017. (AP/Scott Threlkeld)

Suppression: A Common Thread in American Democracy

Mayor Landrieu speaks honestly about the consequences of ignoring race in our nation’s history as he removes Confederate monuments in New Orleans.

Danyelle Solomon

Toward a Marshall Plan for America Report

Toward a Marshall Plan for America

The economy is not producing access to a good, stable middle-class life for people who do not go to college. On prudential and ethical grounds, progressives must do more to create decent job opportunities and secure family situations for all working people facing difficult economic conditions not within their control.

States of Change Report

States of Change

Simulations indicate that the most successful route for minimizing future representation gaps lies in equalizing registration and turnout rates across races.

Rob Griffin, William H. Frey, Ruy Teixeira

Orbán’s Hungary Report

Orbán’s Hungary

The recent transformation of Hungarian politics—particularly the metamorphosis of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán—offers a cautionary tale of what can happen when a right-wing national populist leader gets elected.

William Danvers

The Populist Explosion Past Event

The Populist Explosion

John B. Judis on How the Great Recession Transformed American and European Politics

The Path to 270 in 2016, Revisited Report

The Path to 270 in 2016, Revisited

Will fundamentals trump the candidates in determining the election outcome—or vice versa?

Ruy Teixeira, John Halpin, Rob Griffin

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