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Mark Haggerty

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Mark Haggerty is a senior fellow on the Energy and Environment team at American Progress. With a reputation as a nonpartisan expert committed to practical solutions, Haggerty is engaged in efforts to develop a comprehensive national policy that aligns climate, energy, and public lands conservation goals with rural communities’ economic success.

Haggerty previously worked for more than a decade at Headwaters Economics, where he oversaw a robust research portfolio focused on rural economic development, natural resource management, and fiscal policy. He also worked on agricultural and Indigenous conservation projects in New Zealand and helped build private land conservation programs around Yellowstone National Park. He has served on local boards and planning commissions, provided expert advice to state legislatures, and testified to Congress at the invitation of both Democrats and Republicans.

Haggerty holds a bachelor’s in economics and master’s in geography from the University of Colorado. He lives in Bozeman, Montana, where he co-owns millions of acres of public lands and waters with his family and friends.


How FEMA Can Build Rural Resilience Through Disaster Preparedness Report
Photo shows a flooded street in Kentucky.

How FEMA Can Build Rural Resilience Through Disaster Preparedness

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is vital to the nation’s climate resilience, but pre-disaster resilience funds are not reaching the rural communities most vulnerable to climate risk and least able to prepare.

Kevin Manuele, Mark Haggerty

Innovating Fiscal Policy To Power Enduring Rural Prosperity In the News

Innovating Fiscal Policy To Power Enduring Rural Prosperity

Mark Haggerty discusses the shortcomings of current fiscal policy design and explores the potential for policy redesign at all levels of government to better sustain rural communities reliant on natural resource industries.

Mark Haggerty

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