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Expertise: Corruption, national security law, Southeast Asia, illicit finance

Trevor Sutton is a senior fellow for National Security and International Policy at American Progress. Previously, Sutton worked at the U.N. Development Programme and International Organization for Migration, where he advised on anti-corruption issues. He also served as a presidential management fellow in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and as a judicial clerk at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Sutton has published on a range of legal and foreign policy issues, including a book on the constitutional legacy of the war on terror written with Yale Law School professor Owen Fiss. Sutton holds a B.A. from Stanford University; an M.Phil. from Oxford, where he was a Marshall scholar; and a J.D. from Yale. He speaks Mandarin and French. In addition to his work at American Progress, Sutton is a senior adviser for foreign policy at Human Rights First.

By Trevor Sutton
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