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Adam Conner

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Adam Conner is the vice president for Technology Policy at American Progress. He leads the newly created Technology Policy team as its inaugural vice president with a focus on building a progressive technology policy platform and agenda.

Conner has spent the past 15 years working at the intersection of technology, politics, policy, and elections as the first Washington, D.C., employee for several Silicon Valley companies. He was a spring 2018 resident fellow at the Harvard University Institute of Politics, where he led a study group titled, “Platforms, Networks, and New Power Technology’s Impact on Politics, Policy, and Elections,” which focused on the rise of technology companies and their effect on politics and democracy.

Most recently, Conner was the first Washington employee for Slack Technologies, the fast-growing workplace communications startup, leading their engagement with federal, state, and local governments. Prior to that, Conner was vice president of Brigade, a civic engagement platform co-founded by Sean Parker.

In 2007, Conner founded Facebook’s Washington office. He spent seven years on the Facebook Privacy and Public Policy team, where he created the company’s government and political outreach efforts and directed the company’s election efforts. His congressional and campaign experience includes the U.S. House Committee on Rules, former Gov. Mark Warner’s (D-VA) Forward Together PAC, and John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign.

Conner is a graduate of George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs and serves on the university’s board of trustees. He is also on the board of the Roosevelt Institute. He hails from Los Alamos, New Mexico.


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