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Mara Rudman

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Mara Rudman is a senior adviser to the president at American Progress, where she works to create smart strategies and find the path to turn ideas into action and action into results. She served in both the Obama and Clinton administrations.

Rudman was most recently senior vice president for policy/projects at Business Executives for National Security and led Quorum Strategies, a geopolitical strategic advisory firm. Her government positions have included serving as deputy assistant to the president for national security affairs in the Obama and Clinton administrations; deputy envoy and chief of staff for the Office of the Special Envoy for Middle East Peace at the U.S. Department of State; and assistant administrator for the Middle East at the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Rudman is an American Progress veteran. From 2004 to 2009, she worked as the senior vice president for strategic planning and then was a senior fellow and founder of Middle East Progress. She also has been appointed to the 2022 National Defense Strategy Commission, serves on the Howard University College of Arts and Sciences advisory board, and is a faculty fellow at Georgetown University. Earlier in her career, she was chief counsel to the House Foreign Affairs Committee; she started her career working for her hometown member of Congress.

Rudman has been a guest on numerous TV and radio shows and has written for and been quoted in various print publications. She received her bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College and a law degree from Harvard Law School.


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Extremist US Politicians Are Aiding and Abetting Autocratic Hungarian Regime Article
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán arrives at the special EU summit in Brussels.

Extremist US Politicians Are Aiding and Abetting Autocratic Hungarian Regime

The extreme right brazenly supports Hungarian efforts to impede U.S. and European Union allied interests, subverting policies that would ensure corporations pay their fair share and sanction Russia for its Ukraine invasion.

Seth Hanlon, Mara Rudman

Redefining Homeland Security: A New Framework for DHS To Meet Today’s Challenges Report

Redefining Homeland Security: A New Framework for DHS To Meet Today’s Challenges

To meet the challenges of today, the Biden administration and Congress should reform the Department of Homeland Security around a mission that highlights safety and services alongside its traditional protecting roles.

Mara Rudman, Rudy deLeon, Joel Martinez, 5 More Elisa Massimino, Silva Mathema, Katrina Mulligan, Alexandra Schmitt, Philip E. Wolgin

A Practical Plan on the Israeli-Palestinian Front Report
Palestinians walk under show umbrellas used to decorate a street in the Old City of the West Bank town of Nablus, Saturday, June 4, 2016. (AP/Majdi Mohammed)

A Practical Plan on the Israeli-Palestinian Front

The next U.S. administration can take pragmatic steps to advance America’s interests and increase security in the Middle East by supporting building blocks that can lead to a two-state solution.

Mara Rudman, Brian Katulis

Facing Extremism Article

Facing Extremism

Too depressingly familiar: eight young people killed, along with the gunman who ended their lives. Many more injured. As is the intent of such extremists, he took aim not only at innocent civilians, but also at the heart of future security and hope for Israelis and Palestinians: a negotiated two-state resolution to their conflict. Ensuring that he does not achieve this broader objective will require a renewed commitment by all involved, including the United States.

Mara Rudman

Averting a Deeper Crisis in the Middle East Article

Averting a Deeper Crisis in the Middle East

Rudman and Katulis call for the U.S. to step up quickly to ensure chaos in the Gaza Strip does not destroy the chances for Middle East peace.

Mara Rudman, Brian Katulis

U.S. Must Lead for Middle East Progress Article

U.S. Must Lead for Middle East Progress

The U.S. can and must lead in efforts to advance Middle East Progress. A diplomatic surge, not a military one, will make Americans and the world safer.

Mara Rudman, Brian Katulis

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