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Anna Prow

Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer

Anna brings nearly 10 years of civil society leadership to her role as Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Enough Project at American Progress. In this role, she directs day-to-day operations for the Enough Project and leads the development and execution of organization-wide priorities, processes, campaigns, products, and strategies; providing strategic direction, operational management, and achieving shared understanding around core functions and mission delivery.

Prior to Enough, Anna worked at National Democratic Institute, Health Care Without Harm, and Friends of the Earth in central roles to align policy, practice, and programs. She has 13 years of experience in international development, both in the United States and in the field, including two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Madagascar. She started her career and founded her commitment to learning as a public high school teacher.

Anna served five years as a volunteer leader with Human Rights Campaign, including a role ​on ​HRC’s​ Board of Governors. She holds an M.S.​ in urban policy analysis ​from The New School.