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Obama mosque visit

President Obama’s Legacy for Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities

President Barack Obama has been a leader in supporting and advancing AAPI communities.

Pat Buchanan

Buchanan’s Fantasy Past Isn’t Prologue to America’s Future

Syndicated columnist Pat Buchanan is pushing an outdated vision of America—one that fails to take into account the many contributions of people of color, immigrants, and LGBT people.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe speaks

At Long Last, A Wrong Righted for Disenfranchised Virginians

Virginia should be commended for restoring voting rights to 210,000 felons who have lawfully served their time.

Infographic: Latinas in the U.S. Economy

Latinas are vital labor force members and family breadwinners, but they are also underpaid and insufficiently protected.

Flint River

5 Things to Know About Communities of Color and Environmental Justice

The Flint, Michigan, crisis is just one example of the many environmental injustices that communities of color are facing.

People protest police crimes in Chicago.

The Problem with the National Response to Police Racism

Police behavior in American cities such as Chicago should no longer come as a surprise.


Add Cultural Critic to List of Superhero Powers

Just beneath the “BAM,” “POW,” and “SPLAT” action of comic books lies the “OH,” “HMM,” and “AH” of human insight.

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx

When Home Disappears

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx hopes to build a transportation system that works for everyone.

Beonca Williams crosses the street with her 1-year-old son

Forfeiting the American Dream

book_alt2 icon Report Reform is urgently needed to prevent civil asset forfeiture abuses from undermining public efforts to cut poverty and boost opportunity.

John Ehrlichman speaks to reporters.

Poisonous Rhetoric, Then and Now

Two maddening stories shed light on the nature of racism in American politics.

Muslims pray

When Public Figures Normalize Hate

When public figures use their platforms for hate speech, they become responsible for normalizing feelings of bigotry that can lead to hate crimes against innocent individuals.

A woman poses for a self-portrait.

6 Things You Should Know About Women of Color and the Criminal Justice System

Women are the fastest-growing portion of the U.S. prison population. In particular, women of color are disproportionately affected by the criminal justice system.

A KKK shirt is sold in South Carolina.

The Contemporary Reality of the Ku Klux Klan

Although still a legitimate hate group, the KKK no longer has the political power to inspire widespread fear at the national level.

2016 Oscar nomination ceremony

Why #OscarsSoWhite Matters

The film industry exercises a huge amount of influence on perceptions of success in America—or the lack thereof.