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Middle-Out Economics

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The Middle-Out Economics project is an initiative of the Economic Policy team at the Center for American Progress that combines original analysis, public policy proposals, live events, and multimedia presentations to demonstrate that a strong and stable middle class is the key driver of American economic growth.


The Rich Can’t Save Retail Report
Customers shop at Nordstrom Rack in Schaumburg, Illinios, January 2015. (AP/Nam Y. Huh)

The Rich Can’t Save Retail

It’s time for the retail industry to support a policy agenda that helps its most important customers—the middle class.

Brendan Duke

Retailer Revelations Report
Back-to-school fashions are displayed at J.C. Penney's in New York's Times Square. (AP/Mark Lennihan)

Retailer Revelations

America’s retailers need a strong and expanding middle class. That’s why it’s time for retailers to back a policy agenda that addresses middle-class weakness and stagnant wages, which will boost the economy and grow corporate bottom lines.

Brendan Duke, Ike Lee

Innovations in Apprenticeship Report
Hanh Nguyen, an intern with the Immunogen Design Group, works at the AIDS Vaccine Design and Development Laboratory in New York City. (Chris Hondros)

Innovations in Apprenticeship

Forward-thinking employers across the country are demonstrating that apprenticeships can be used to build talent in growing, high-demand occupations.

Sarah Ayres Steinberg, Ethan Gurwitz

The Middle-Class Squeeze Report

The Middle-Class Squeeze

America's middle class is being squeezed by stagnant—and in many cases declining—incomes and rising costs. To address the middle-class squeeze, we need to enact policies that will both increase incomes and also address rising child care, higher education, health care, housing, and retirement costs.

Jennifer Erickson

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