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Climate Change on the Move Report
African immigrants are given drinks inside a hospital tent in Los Cristianos on the Canary island of Tenerife, Spain. The Spanish government set up operations in African countries to discourage migration to Spain, which could intensify with climate change's effects. (AP/Arturo Rodriguez)

Climate Change on the Move

The United States should use a sustainable security framework to deal with the challenges climate migration poses, write Michael Werz and Kari Manlove.

Michael Werz, Kari Manlove

Energy Poverty 101 Report
An Afghan girl carries cow dung for burning as fuel on her head in the outskirts of Jalalabad. (AP/Rahmat Gul)

Energy Poverty 101

Lack of access to modern energy services hinders economic growth, but we must deploy energy cleanly, explains Kari Manlove.

Kari Manlove

Don’t Flush an Energy Opportunity Article
An unidentified news photographer videotapes touch-free, waterless urinals in the men's room at Plummer Park in West Hollywood, CA. As Congress develops an omnibus energy bill for later this year, it should include incentives for consumers, businesses, and water providers to conserve water and thereby reduce energy consumption. (AP/Nick Ut)

Don’t Flush an Energy Opportunity

Congress shouldn’t squander the opportunity to help Americans save water and reap energy savings, write Tom Kenworthy and Kari Manlove.

Tom Kenworthy, Kari Manlove

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