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Cloud Computing Providers Play a Critical Role in the Development and Deployment of AI

Cloud Computing Providers Play a Critical Role in the Development and Deployment of AI

CAP submitted comments on three areas the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) should focus on as it examines the business practices of cloud computing providers and their work involving artificial intelligence.

On June 21, the Center for American Progress submitted a public comment to the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) solicitation for public comments on the business practices of cloud computing providers. CAP’s official comment is now available in the public record and can also be found here.

A better understanding of the critical cloud computing providers market is warranted, and CAP respectfully recommended three selected focus areas and questions for the commission’s consideration for further study:

  1. Understanding the various layers of the artificial intelligence (AI) cloud computing stack
  2. The importance of cloud computing providers and AI data center infrastructure
  3. U.S. government security requirements and cloud computing providers

This follows CAP’s recent response to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s AI accountability policy request for comment.

The authors would like to thank Jennifer Lee, Sydney Bryant, Megan Shahi, Ashleigh Maciolek, Ben Olinsky, Jean Ross, Emily Gee, Kate Donald, Sara Abdel Rahim, Hannah Niles, and Mara Rudman for their contributions to this comment.

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