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Teacher and students in classroom

Smart, Skilled, and Striving

book_alt2 icon Report A new CAP report outlines a vision for how to elevate and modernize the teaching profession so that every student is taught by great teachers.

High school students

Invisible by Design

article icon Issue Brief Holding states, districts, and schools accountable for improving the performance of all groups of students remains critical to improving the quality of education in America.

high school students at desks

The Hidden Value of Curriculum Reform

book_alt2 icon Report Curriculum reform presents a cost-effective means of improving student achievement.

School desks block a street in front of the Los Angeles Unified School District headquarters.

The High Cost of Truancy

book_alt2 icon Report Chronic truancy has short-term consequences for students but can have long-lasting effects for individuals, families, and communities.

Student working on math problems

Math Matters

book_alt2 icon Report Staying the course with Common Core-aligned math instruction will afford students not only greater understanding of conceptual mathematics, but also more opportunity in the job market.

elementary students Baltimore

A Fresh Look at School Funding

article icon Issue Brief These five new ideas for the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act would improve school funding and ensure that low-income students attend better-funded schools.

Teacher training

Teacher Leadership

book_alt2 icon Report A new CAP report highlights six districts that are using teacher leadership and labor-management collaboration to successfully implement the Common Core State Standards.

principal public elementary school

Dramatic Action, Dramatic Improvement

article icon Issue Brief Research suggests that school turnaround is possible in the presence of a concerted strategy and comprehensive, dramatic actions.

student with laptop

Comparable but Unequal

article icon Issue Brief Congress must address how current federal law masks education funding disparities between low- and higher-income students by fixing the so-called comparability loophole.

An aspiring principal walks through the halls.

Do More, Add More, Earn More

book_alt2 icon Report An examination of how 10 school districts are redesigning teacher compensation systems so the teachers who make a bigger difference get a bigger paycheck.

Teacher works with kindergarten student.

Examining Quality Across the Preschool-to-Third-Grade Continuum

book_alt2 icon Report High-quality early childhood and elementary education form an important foundation for young children to be successful throughout school, but evidence suggests that children lack consistent access between preschool and third grade.

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