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Beyond Acronyms

Honoring the Complex Experiences of Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities in K-12 Education

The Asian American and Pacific Islander communities are extremely diverse, comprising more than 50 ethnic groups with different histories, cultures, and experiences in America. As they interact with the K-12 education system as educators, students, families, and community members, their varied backgrounds create distinct educational needs. As highlighted by a recent CAP report, school leaders and other policymakers looking to support Asian American and Pacific Islanders need to create targeted policies that honor the diversity between and within these two communities.

Please join the Center for American Progress for a virtual event that highlights the complexity of Asian American and Pacific Islander experiences in K-12 education. The panel will discuss on the importance of incorporating Asian American and Pacific Islander stories in school curricula and the ways that many people in both these communities hold multiple marginalized identities that affect what they need to thrive in K-12 schools.

Introductory remarks:
Jesse O’Connell, Senior Vice President, Education, Center for American Progress
Roby Chatterji, Associate Director, K-12 Education Policy, Center for American Progress

Herb Lee, President and CEO, Pacific American Foundation
Janiru Herath, Special Education Math Teacher, Hiawatha Academies
Jennifer Lee, Founder and Executive Director, Asian Americans with Disabilities Initiative
Mane T. Tuia’ana, Youth Program Manager, UTOPIA Washington

Jessica Yin, Policy Analyst, K-12 Education Policy, Center for American Progress

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