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A threat to democracy anywhere is a threat to democracy everywhere. Over the past decade, we have seen consistent and sustained attacks on democracies globally—most egregiously, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine—threatening cooperative progress on climate action, migration, food security, and shared prosperity. The Biden-Harris administration has prioritized defending democracy, but what is preached at home must be practiced abroad—and practiced well. The Center for American Progress is committed to putting forward a progressive vision for a new era of U.S. engagement internationally. We believe national security goes beyond mere military power; it encompasses the need for a greater global response to complex crises, while also pushing for a new model for America’s economic and political competitiveness in the world. Critical U.S. foreign policy actions must be values-driven and mutually reinforcing with domestic priorities to advance an agenda of reform and renewal.

So, when we advocate for a more productive global ecosystem of accountability, we also analyze U.S. tax havens and financial loopholes. When we join the call for ambitious global action to tackle the climate crisis, we push for more robust emission reduction at home. And when we advocate for others to meet the moment, we acknowledge the weight of the United States in multilateral institutions and push for productive action instead of empty promises. At CAP, we know that America prides itself on being a leader, so we choose to advance a leadership agenda on the things that matter: promoting shared global prosperity, confronting climate change, and building resilient communities equipped to weather the storms ahead.


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Response to Horrific Attacks in Israel Must Avoid Collective Punishment for Gaza and Confront Obstacles to Peace Article
Fire and smoke rise above buildings in Gaza City.

Response to Horrific Attacks in Israel Must Avoid Collective Punishment for Gaza and Confront Obstacles to Peace

The horrifying Hamas terror attack on Israeli civilians has provoked an understandable imperative to bring the perpetrators to justice, but Israel must avoid collective punishment for Gaza that can bring a loss of moral clarity and reinforce historic grievances.

Patrick Gaspard

India’s Backsliding Democracy Past Event
Demonstrators gather in Bengaluru, India, to take part in a rally against the country’s new citizenship law, December 2019.

India’s Backsliding Democracy

Examining how attempts to stifle dissent threaten the world’s largest democracy

Guns Without Borders Past Event

Guns Without Borders

Addressing the flow of U.S. firearms to Mexico and Central America

Nick Wilson, Nick Wilson

A Primer on the 2022 National Security Strategy Article
A view of the White House.

A Primer on the 2022 National Security Strategy

The 2022 National Security Strategy introduces new ideas on navigating strategic competition with China and Russia, investing at home, and a renewed focus on the fight against climate change.

Peter Juul, Heba Malik

The Case for Reducing Defense Spending In the News

The Case for Reducing Defense Spending

Larry Korb argues that the Biden administration must reduce the U.S. defense budget without jeopardizing national security by canceling tactical nuclear weapons; retiring irrelevant and old Navy ships; and slowing the production of F-35 fighter jets.

The National Interest

Lawrence J. Korb

The FBI’s Mar-a-Lago Papers Search Fact Sheet
The Mar-a-Lago resort is seen against a stormy gray cloud with an American flag in front.

The FBI’s Mar-a-Lago Papers Search

Former President Trump didn’t just abscond with classified material he wasn’t allowed to have; he may have gravely harmed U.S. national security at the same time.

Alan Yu, Peter Juul

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