Past Event

Guns Without Borders

Addressing the flow of U.S. firearms to Mexico and Central America

More than half of all gun violence deaths in the world occur in six countries in the Americas: Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela, and the United States. The same industry practices and weak laws that unleash gun violence across the United States also allow guns manufactured here to flow to neighboring countries, with devastating consequences. Violent groups and cartels armed with U.S. guns drive the drug trade, including traffickers smuggling fentanyl into the United States. They also inflict terror on communities, forcing people to flee their homes in search of basic safety and security.

In partnership with the Network to Prevent Gun Violence in the Americas, this event seeks to shed light on this tragic global health burden; identify areas of regulation and policy that should be advanced; and outline specific enforcement and legal strategies for preventing these harms. This event will be an opportunity for an interdisciplinary team to identify opportunities to hold the U.S. gun industry accountable and reduce gun violence domestically and abroad.

Opening Remarks:

Nick Wilson, Senior Director of Gun Violence Prevention, Center for American Progress

Yadira Sánchez-Esparza, Program Associate, Latin American Working Group Education Fund

Survivor Spotlight:

Antonio Tizapa, Founder, Running for Ayotzinapa 43

María Herrera Magdaleno, Human Rights Activist; Featured in Time‘s “100 Most Influential People of 2023


John Lindsay-Poland, Coordinator, Stop US Arms to Mexico

Elizabeth Burke, Founder and President, Global Action on Gun Violence

Marco Castillo, Co-Executive Director, Global Exchange

Closing Remarks:

Po Murray, Co-Founder and Chair, Newtown Action Alliance

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