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: A Democratic Tipping Point in Israel
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A Democratic Tipping Point in Israel

How attempts to undermine the courts have threatened Israel's democracy and mobilized its defenders

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his far-right coalition’s attempt to ram through a drastic overhaul of the Israeli judicial system have led to historic civil unrest and protests, leaving the country at a democratic tipping point. The potential consequences for Israeli governance—and by extension, the U.S. relationship with the country—are staggering. The public uproar demonstrates that Israeli citizens clearly understand the repercussions of Netanyahu’s overhaul and stand united—despite differences in perspectives, politics, and identities—to protest the looming threat to democracy.

On May 17, 2023, the Center for American Progress will host a panel of Israeli voices, shedding light on the political turmoil engulfing Israel and discussing what the proposed judicial overhaul would mean for Israel—a key U.S. ally—and democracies everywhere. The discussion will feature a range of voices central to the widespread opposition to the overhaul, from business leaders to key Arab-Israeli and journalist voices. CAP will pursue a conversation around the stakes and consequences of undemocratic action in a country long viewed as a democratic anchor in the region. Democratic backsliding in Israel poses threats to U.S. security and values and to democracies around the world. The situation surrounding this attempt to short-circuit Israel’s democracy offers a key inflection point for reflecting on what the United States can and should do to best protect its interests and values, which necessarily include protecting and preserving democracy at home and around the world.

Please join the Center for American Progress for a virtual conversation with Israeli democracy defenders that informs productive U.S. engagement on the path that Netanyahu’s government is taking.

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