Robert Mueller Closes in on Trump

This week, Daniella and Ed speak with Center for American Progress Senior Fellow Max Bergmann about the ongoing investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 election.



A Mueller Investigation Refresher With Joyce Vance

Former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama Joyce Vance joins Daniella and Ed to talk about special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation and the country's trust in its democratic institutions.



The Origins of Russia’s Broad Political Assault on the United States

The Russian attack on U.S. democracy began in 2014 and is more wide-ranging and coordinated than previously understood. How the United States responds requires a strategy that both applies pressure on Russia via additional sanctions and improves the United States’ defensive capabilities against further Russian interference.



Breaking Down the Mueller Investigation with Chris Hayes

Michele and Igor chat with MSNBC's Chris Hayes about special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation; CAP's Diana Pilipenko weighs in, breaking down the biggest developments within the investigation in the past year.


Cracking the Shell: Trump and the Corrupting Potential of Furtive Russian Money

Donald Trump's finances are almost hopelessly opaque, exacerbating concerns that the wealthiest president in American history—and the first in decades not to meaningfully divest from his business holdings—may be even more financially compromised than is already thought, and in ways that may impact his decisions in office.



‘A Very Stable Genius’

Michele and Igor chat with Rep. Adam Schiff about developments in the Russia investigation and the invoking the 25th Amendment to address President Trump's mental health.



Acts of an Adversary

Russia is pursuing a concerted strategy to undermine American democracy and U.S. national interests. These are the actions of an adversary not an ally.



9 Solutions to Secure America’s Elections

This brief offers common-sense solutions for addressing vulnerabilities in America’s election infrastructure in order to protect the nation’s democracy.