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Farewell for Now, but Not for Long

The final Thinking CAP podcast revisits Daniella and Ed's discussion with AFSCME President Lee Saunders about the labor movement


Trump Against the World at the G-7 Summit

Daniella and Ed chat about President Trump's controversial antics at the G-7 summit and revisit a conversation with former Ambassador Wendy Sherman.


Planning for the Future in an Uncertain Economy

This week, Ed sits down with CAP Senior Economist Gbenga Ajilore to discuss warning signs in the economy, what they might mean, as well as some of the contributing factors.


Dr. Anthony Fauci: The Global Fight Against HIV/AIDS

Daniella sits down with renowned immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci to discuss how the United States has and can continue to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic, both domestically and abroad.


Yes, the President Is Still a Racist

Following a recent op-ed in The Washington Post condemning the racist remarks of President Trump, two Black former Obama administration staffers sit down with Daniella to discuss how the country can move forward.


No Exoneration: Ned Price on Mueller’s Congressional Testimony

Ned Price—a director at National Security Action and an NBC national security analyst—joins Ed and Daniella to discuss special counsel Robert Mueller's testimony before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees.


The National Security Council and the ‘American Way of War’

Daniella and Ed chat with two former National Security Council staffers—John Gans Jr. and CAP’s Kelly Magsamen—to discuss foreign policy under the Trump administration, as well as Gans' new book about the NSC.


Ari Berman: A Green Light to Gerrymander

Daniella and Ed chat with Mother Jones Senior Reporter Ari Berman this week about gerrymandering, the 2020 census, and the state of voting rights in the United States.