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STATEMENT: CAP’s John Podesta: Biden Laid Out the Biggest Investment in Good Jobs Since the New Deal, Will Boost Economic Growth and Address the Climate Crisis
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STATEMENT: CAP’s John Podesta: Biden Laid Out the Biggest Investment in Good Jobs Since the New Deal, Will Boost Economic Growth and Address the Climate Crisis

Washington, D.C. — Today in Pittsburgh, President Joe Biden unveiled the American Jobs Plan, a new proposal to build back better and create millions of new, good-paying jobs by investing in people, communities, and the economic infrastructure that will give every American the opportunity to thrive. In response, John Podesta, founder of the Center for American Progress, released the following statement:

Now is the time to build a just, equitable, sustainable, and competitive American economy. The American Rescue Plan is already helping us get back to normal by getting the country vaccinated, reopening schools, and putting money in people’s pockets as the economy recovers from a historic crisis. Now is the time to spur an American recovery that will create the kinds of good-paying jobs for all Americans that have been eroding for decades—and focuses on working people and the middle class instead of just the wealthy.

President Biden announced the first phase of an ambitious new vision for economic recovery that represents the most significant investment in good jobs since the New Deal. The president’s plan will spur economic growth; make a historic investment in research and development; deliver good-paying, union jobs; promote equitable workplaces free of discrimination; and restore and modernize our long-crumbling infrastructure while forestalling the next crisis by strengthening our resilience to climate change. Rebuilding with an eye toward economic competitiveness is about much more than roads and bridges—it’s also about a clean electric grid; carbon-free schools and child care facilities; enhancing electric vehicle manufacturing and infrastructure; clean energy deployment; cutting-edge American manufacturing; brand-new, safe, drinking water pipes; and climate-smart agriculture and forestry. Based on past analysis, private sector forecasters will find that this package will produce more than 15 million good paying jobs. The American Jobs Plan is an important first step in building this new future, but the White House must continue to work with Congress to meet the administration’s ambitious climate goals, especially around clean transportation, buildings, and conservation.

A 21st-century economy will also provide countless new jobs in helping families flourish—child care educators and home care workers; parents staying home with a sick child; or an adult daughter caring for a disabled parent—while prioritizing a commitment to racial and gender equity in an economy that works for all. Most caregivers are women—and disproportionately women of color—and these communities have suffered the gravest effects of the COVID-19 crisis. As the White House continues to flesh out its jobs and economic agenda, it must continue to make ambitious investments that will create good-paying union jobs and overhaul the nation’s caregiving infrastructure—including paid family and medical leave—to make it possible for families, especially women, to participate in the workforce.

Making sure big corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes is the right thing on its own, but using that funding to create millions of new jobs rebuilding out infrastructure is a no-brainer. The president just took a monumental step toward sustainable, inclusive economic growth. Now it is imperative that Congress do its part and turn the president’s plan into law.

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