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RELEASE: CAP Proposes 10 Far-Reaching Congressional Ethics Reforms
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RELEASE: CAP Proposes 10 Far-Reaching Congressional Ethics Reforms

Washington, D.C. — Two months ago, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a historic legislative package focused on curbing the culture of corruption in Washington, D.C., and protecting Americans’ voting rights. This legislation—the For the People Act, or H.R. 1—passed with unanimous support from House Democrats, many of whom were elected in November 2018 on the promise of delivering reform. This sweeping legislation has also been introduced in the U.S. Senate, where it is co-sponsored by every Democratic senator. The Center for American Progress has been a vocal proponent of the For the People Act and its clear, strong reforms.

In a recent publication, CAP examined a range of additional bold reforms that could build on the For the People Act. Now a new report, titled “10 Far-Reaching Congressional Ethics Reforms to Strengthen U.S. Democracy,” delves even deeper—this time, addressing 10 clear, strong solutions that would make Congress more responsive to the needs of all Americans, instead of wealthy special interests. These include banning lobbyist fundraising and committee contributions, slamming the revolving door shut, and strengthening criminal anti-corruption laws. Michael Sozan, co-author of the report and a senior fellow at CAP, said:

It’s time for Congress to do what Americans are demanding: pass major reforms to help ensure lawmakers are working for the common good. Without impactful congressional ethics reforms, the system for electing members of Congress and crafting fair federal policies will continue to be rigged in favor of wealthy, special interests. Today’s publication is a roadmap for leaders who are serious about restoring the people’s trust in the legislative branch in an era where hardworking Americans are finding it challenging to achieve the American dream.

Click here to read: “10 Far-Reaching Congressional Ethics Reforms to Strengthen U.S. Democracy” by Michael Sozan and William Roberts

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