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ADVISORY: Progressive Studies Program at CAP

Wednesday, March 11, 2009, 12:00pm – 1:30pm

WASHINGTON, DC—The Center for American Progress and the Glaser Progress Foundation are pleased to announce the launch of the new Progressive Studies Program at CAP. The Progressive Studies Program is a unique interdisciplinary project exploring the history, intellectual foundations and public understanding of progressivism in America. The program seeks to increase public awareness of progressive ideas and values, as well as to educate public officials and policymakers through lectures, seminars, articles, public events, book discussions, new media tools, and training seminars with activists and young people. The Progressive Studies Program aims to develop thoughtful, honest debates about modern progressivism and its relationship to the earlier Progressive era and other political and social movements throughout American history. The public research component will complement these discussions by documenting and tracking American ideological attitudes and demographic trends in the country.

The launch will feature the release of two major reports:

State of American Political Ideology, 2009, the Progressive Studies Program’s first national study of American beliefs about the role of government, cultural values, economic and domestic policy, and international affairs based on the results of a national survey of 1400 Americans and a companion survey of young people; and

New Progressive America, a detailed analysis of demographic, geographic and attitudinal trends following the 2008 election based on exit poll data, county-level voting returns, census and American Community Survey data and important post-election surveys.

Presentations by:

John Halpin and Ruy Teixeira, Senior Fellows and Co-Directors of the Progressive Studies Program at CAP

With Response from:

Mark Schmitt, Executive Editor, The American Prospect Mark Hugo Lopez, Associate Director, Pew Hispanic Center

A light lunch will be served at 11:30 a.m.

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Center for American Progress 1333 H St. NW, 10th Floor Washington, DC 20005

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