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Credible Missile Defenses Needed Article

Credible Missile Defenses Needed

Missile defense theologians are exploiting North Korea's growing bellicosity and its nuclear and ballistic missile tests to gripe about the Obama administration's missile defense budget.

Andrew J. Grotto

What’s Next for North Korea? Article
South Koreans at the Seoul Railway Station watch a television broadcasting on North Korea's reported missle and nuclear tests.
<br /> (AP/Ahn Young-joon)

What’s Next for North Korea?

After setting off another underground atomic explosion, the rogue state snubs its nose at the world community. Washington should not respond in kind, writes Andrew Grotto.

Andrew J. Grotto

Nuclear Arms in the Developing World Article

Nuclear Arms in the Developing World

President Barack Obama's speech in Prague on Sunday is a potential game changer for non-proliferation diplomacy. By endorsing the goal of a world free of nuclear weapons, Obama can begin to move international debate about nuclear proliferation beyond the ideologically charged squabbles of the past to where it needs to be: changing the perception among many developing countries, perhaps even most, that nuclear proliferation does not affect them.

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Senator Kyl’s Straw Men Article

Senator Kyl’s Straw Men

Congress has mandated that the next administration complete a Nuclear Posture Review by early 2010, but many conservatives are not on board.

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