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How the Next President Can Improve Homeland Security Article

How the Next President Can Improve Homeland Security

Given terrorist attacks associated with recent political transitions in Spain, Britain and Pakistan, it is possible that someone inspired by al Qaeda will make another attempt in the United States over the next 18 months. While Sen. Barack Obama discussed the intersection of terrorism and technology earlier this week in Indiana, homeland security has not been a significant campaign issue thus far. But since terrorism could present the next president with his first crisis, there are a number of steps the next president should take, beginning literally the day after the election.

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Safe at Home Report

Safe at Home

By reordering our strategic homeland security objectives, we can make Americans safer both at home and abroad, argues P.J. Crowley in a new report.

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Reordering Our Priorities Article

Reordering Our Priorities

A new Homeland Security Strategy must match risks to threat levels, our level of vulnerability, and the consequences to our society and economy. Here are our top ten national security priorities, in order of importance.

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