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Faith Leaders Rally in Support of the Equality Act

This video contains an update.

A groundbreaking, bipartisan bill called the Equality Act was just introduced into Congress. Under the Equality Act, LGBTQ people would have consistent and explicit protections under federal law. These protections would prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in employment, housing, public spaces, credit, jury service, and federally funded programs. Countless faith leaders across the country are speaking up in support of this historic law.

Kurt Mueller is a video editing contractor at the Center for American Progress. Emily London is a research assistant for the Faith and Progressive Policy Initiative at the Center. Rob Keithan is a consultant for the Faith and Progressive Policy Initiative at the Center. Laura Durso is the vice president of the LGBT Research and Communications Project at the Center.

Update, April 30, 2019: This video has been updated to be more reflective of CAP’s values and inclusive of the disability community. The original version of this video included the language “to stand,” which presupposes that the ability to stand is normative. This is harmful, because it excludes and stigmatizes disabled people while centering able-bodied experiences. The authors regret the wording in the previous video and will continue to learn and push for inclusivity in CAP’s content going forward.