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Helping State and Local Officials Advocate for LGBT Communities

A new CAP toolkit provides resources to build support for nondiscrimination protections, oppose discrimination, and collect data on LGBT people in your community.

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How Overly Broad Religious Exemptions Are Putting Children at Risk of Sexual Abuse

Religious exemptions in federal guidelines to address sexual abuse of children undermine their efficacy.

The Human Toll of North Carolina’s H.B. 2

play_alt icon Video This video shows the devastating emotional and psychological impact that North Carolina's controversial law H.B. 2 can have on transgender people.


Discriminatory Legislation Seeks to Strip Workplace Protections for LGBT Workers

New amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act would grant a broad exemption to discriminate for many federal contractors.

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North Carolina’s Discriminatory H.B. 2 Threatens More Than Half Billion Dollars in Economic Activity

North Carolina’s mean-spirited, anti-LGBT legislation could cost the state’s economy nearly half a billion dollars and counting in private-sector economic activity.

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Advancing Progressive Religious Liberty in 2016

book_alt2 icon Report A hopeful, progressive understanding of religious liberty can prevent harm and discrimination while preserving the freedoms of both religious and nonreligious Americans.

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Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Data Collection in the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

article icon Issue Brief Collecting sexual orientation and gender identity data via BRFSS is an important part of better understanding and addressing the health disparities that affect the LGBT population.

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How to Collect Data About LGBT Communities

article icon Fact Sheet Collecting more and better data about sexual orientation and gender identity is essential to meet the needs of LGBT people and their families across the United States.

Fired for Being Who I Am: The Fight for LGBT Equality Continues

play_alt icon Video Despite historic progress on LGBT rights, many LGBT people and their families still face serious and life-altering discrimination in their daily lives.

LGBT activists lobby Senators.

Clear Guidance on Humanitarian Parole Is Needed to Reunite Same-Sex Partners Who Are Unable to Legally Marry

Even with marriage equality, same-sex couples continue to face separation under U.S. immigration laws.

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State ID Card Policies for LGBTQ Youths Experiencing Homelessness

article icon Fact Sheet Expanding access to state-issued identification for LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness could create opportunities and improve their safety and well-being.

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