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How to Collect Data About LGBT Communities

article icon Fact Sheet Collecting more and better data about sexual orientation and gender identity is essential to meet the needs of LGBT people and their families across the United States.

Fired for Being Who I Am: The Fight for LGBT Equality Continues

play_alt icon Video Despite historic progress on LGBT rights, many LGBT people and their families still face serious and life-altering discrimination in their daily lives.

LGBT activists lobby Senators.

Clear Guidance on Humanitarian Parole Is Needed to Reunite Same-Sex Partners Who Are Unable to Legally Marry

Even with marriage equality, same-sex couples continue to face separation under U.S. immigration laws.

Indiana RFRA opponents

The Economic Cost of Overly Broad RFRAs

Anti-LGBT religious exemption laws pose a serious risk to state economies.

Transgender Woman

Discrimination Against Transgender Women Seeking Access to Homeless Shelters

article icon Fact Sheet Tests in four states reveal that transgender homeless women face discrimination in accessing shelter.

Abby Wambach Olympics

LGBT Inclusion in Sports

article icon Issue Brief Study results suggest that professional teams that endorse an LGBT-inclusive vision of diversity in sports are viewed favorably by the public and could gain support from LGBT fans.

immigrant in detention

How For-Profit Companies Are Driving Immigration Detention Policies

article icon Issue Brief Companies’ quest for greater profits is expanding the immigration custody system at the expense of the health, safety, and rights of immigrants.

Infographic: The Equality Act Explained

LGBT people still lack basic nondiscrimination protections throughout daily life. The Equality Act would modernize the nation’s nondiscrimination laws to include everyone.

LGBT and U.S. flags wave

Obama Administration Makes Refugee Program More LGBT-Inclusive

The U.S. Department of State’s recent inclusion of same-sex partners as a family reunification refugee priority category will improve access to the refugee program for LGBT families.

Living Without Protections

play_alt icon Video Thirty-one states lack comprehensive sexual orientation and gender identity legal protections, which puts lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, or LGBT, Americans who live in these states at risk.

beds in detention center

How Overly Broad Religious Exemptions Are Putting Children at Risk of Sexual Abuse

Religious exemptions in federal guidelines to address sexual abuse of children undermine their efficacy.

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