Advancing Racial Equity and Justice

CAP applies a racial equity lens in developing and advancing policies that root out deeply entrenched systemic racism to ensure everyone has an opportunity to thrive.

People stand before a mural honoring people of peace in a Black district in Philadelphia on September 15, 2013. (Getty/Frédéric Soltan)

What We're Doing

Closing the racial wealth gap and building an equitable economy

Centuries of government policies have systematically deprived communities of color of economic opportunity, leading to a persistent, growing racial wealth gap. CAP develops and advances policies to combat the root causes of the racial wealth gap and promote a more equitable, vibrant economy for all.

Supporting the Equitable and Just National Climate Platform

Long-standing racial and environmental injustices disproportionately expose communities of color to climate pollution. CAP develops and advocates for climate policies that ensure communities of color benefit from the transition to clean energy.

Eliminating racial disparities and strengthening health systems

Structural racism causes inequities in health systems and disparities in health outcomes. It also negatively affects numerous social determinants of health. CAP develops and furthers policies to reduce racial disparities in health and foster more accessible, affordable, and equitable health systems.

Promoting a representative, responsive, and inclusive democracy

Online disinformation and hate; white supremacist violence and rhetoric; and voter subversion and suppression undermine democracy and entrench systemic inequities. CAP develops policies to foster an effective, accountable, and representative democracy to meet the needs and improve the lives of all Americans.

By the numbers


The absolute dollar wealth gap between Black households and white households

CAP, “Eliminating the Black-White Gap Is a Generational Challenge” (2021).


People of color’s exposure to fine particulate matter emitted by almost every fossil fuel source

Science Advances, “PM2.5 polluters disproportionately and systemically affect people of color in the United States” (2021).


Hispanic or Latinos more likely to be hospitalized from COVID-19 than their white peers

CDC, “Risk for COVID-19 Infection, Hospitalization, and Death By Race/Ethnicity.”


Hate crimes in 2020 where a victim was targeted because of their race, ethnicity, or ancestry

FBI, “Hate Crime Statistics.”

Recent work


Opinion: Hispanic and Latino workers deserve equal economic opportunity, not a return to the pre-pandemic status quo In the News

Opinion: Hispanic and Latino workers deserve equal economic opportunity, not a return to the pre-pandemic status quo

Rose Khattar and Jessica Vela discuss how equitable implementation of the Biden administration's major economic accomplishments, such as the Inflation Reduction Act, can help better support Hispanic and Latino workers.

Rose Khattar, Jessica Vela

Gun Violence in Rural America Fact Sheet
A man peers through the scope on his rifle in rural Texas.

Gun Violence in Rural America

While politicians and the media have largely focused their attention on gun violence in large cities, rural communities continue to see a rise in gun-related deaths.

David Correa, Nick Wilson

Localized Anti-Displacement Policies Report
Photo shows a construction worker standing on the roof of a house.

Localized Anti-Displacement Policies

As more investments enter disadvantaged communities, it is crucial that local policies stabilize current residents, ensure they benefit from expanded opportunity, and protect them from displacement.

Justin Dorazio

Recommendations for Newly Confirmed ATF Director Steve Dettelbach Sign-On Letter

Recommendations for Newly Confirmed ATF Director Steve Dettelbach

This coalition letter, led by the Center for American Progress in partnership with gun violence prevention and allied organizations, includes a list of immediate actions the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives can take to reduce gun violence.

Nick Wilson, Allison Jordan

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