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Past Event

Terror in the Shadows

Trafficking in Money, Weapons, and People

12:00 AM - 11:59 PM EDT

Terror in the Shadows Event
L-R: Ann Jordan, Lee Wolosky, Gayle Smith, Douglas Farah, Rachel Stohl explain how illicit trafficking provide logistical and financial support to various terrorist networks.

Terror in the Shadows: Trafficking in Money, Weapons, and People

October 5, 2004
Terror in the Shadows brings together four leading experts on illicit trafficking – in money, guns, diamonds and human beings – to analyze how these networks operate, interact, spread and provide vital support to terrorist networks around the world.
• Audio:   Terror in the Shadows 
 Video:  Gayle Smith | Douglas Farah |   Lee S. Wolosky | Rachel Stohl   Ann Jordan | Discussion Q&A 

 Ann Jordan  Douglas Farah Rachel Stohl 
 Ann Jordan, Program Director of the Initiative Against Trafficking in Persons, Global Rights. “The failure to allow people to move freely or at least in a rational manner to meet demands for labor around the world is impacting and making these people vulnerable.”  Douglas Farah – Washington Post reporter and author of Blood from Stones. “If you look at the hawala and the use of gold as well as the use of diamonds in the terror finance structure and the use of charities it’s different from how we think about those things.”  Rachel Stohl –Senior Analyst, Center for Defense Information  “How can we expand our outreach, expand our global cooperation and really make a difference on this issue? I think that’s going to be the challenge and that’s the call to the international community.”
 Lee Wolosky  Gayle Smith  
Lee Wolosky, Former Director for Transnational Threats on the National Security Council and an Adjunct Professor in International Affairs at Columbia University.  “It really requires a reconceptualization in the way we think about threats to our national security in the 21st century.”  Gayle Smith (moderator), Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress. “It’s a vibrant infrastructure that fuels criminals and terrorists, that feeds on illegal trade, and in which there is literally no real enforcement.”  

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