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Health Care, the Budget, and Morality

A Discussion of National Priorities

12:00 AM - 11:59 PM EST

Health Care, the Budget and Morality: A Discussion of National Priorities

Our nation faces a growing uninsurance crisis and shares in the global struggle against diseases such as AIDS. The federal budget, as the most tangible embodiment of our nation’s priorities and values, should reflect our commitment to overcoming these challenges. Yet the president and Congressional leaders have indicated that this year’s budget is likely to retreat from that commitment by imposing dramatic cuts that provide a safety net for vulnerable Americans and by inadequately funding vitally necessary global health efforts.

Audio: Health Care, the Budget and Morality
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Video:   John D. PodestaBishop Frank T. Griswold   |  Dr. Laurie Zoloth   |  Dr. Ann Neale |  Q&A 1 |  Q&A 2

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