The War on Drugs


The MORE Act: A Fair and Just Approach to Marijuana Policy Video

The MORE Act: A Fair and Just Approach to Marijuana Policy

The war on drugs has adversely affected people of color for decades; if enacted, the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act has an opportunity to correct these harms.

Max Hardman, Kurt Mueller, Akua Amaning

Using Marijuana Revenue to Create Jobs Report
Preparations begin on the first day of the legalization of recreational marijuana sales in California, January 2018. (Containers of marijuana for sale on display counter)

Using Marijuana Revenue to Create Jobs

The war on drugs crushed economic opportunity in African American and Latinx communities, but marijuana tax revenue can help fuel job growth.

Maritza Perez, Olugbenga Ajilore, Ed Chung

A Community of Recovery Report
A man holds a nasal spray that is used to treat opioid overdose at a Narcan training session in Queens, New York, March 2018.

A Community of Recovery

Once considered the epicenter of the opioid epidemic, the city of Dayton, Ohio, pioneered an innovative response that has saved countless lives and become a national model for addressing addiction.

Erin Welch

Ending the War on Drugs: By the Numbers Fact Sheet

Ending the War on Drugs: By the Numbers

Researchers and policymakers alike agree that the war on drugs is a failure. Policymakers must replace the war on drugs with a fairer, more effective model that treats substance misuse as a public health issue—not a criminal justice issue.

Betsy Pearl

Ending the War on Drugs Report
Used hypodermic needles are seen in a bin, July 2, 2015, at a Maine public health center's needle exchange. (Getty/Portland Press Herald/Joel Page)

Ending the War on Drugs

From needle exchanges to decriminalization, cities are pursuing strategies once considered unthinkable to address drug misuse outside the criminal justice system.

Betsy Pearl, Maritza Perez

Rethinking Federal Marijuana Policy Report
A worker trims cannabis at a growing facility, March 2011. (Getty/Uriel Sinai)

Rethinking Federal Marijuana Policy

The time is now to end the war on drugs and take steps to legalize marijuana.

Ed Chung, Maritza Perez, Lea Hunter

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