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: Beyond 2004: The Future of the Black Vote
Past Event

Beyond 2004: The Future of the Black Vote

12:00 AM - 11:59 PM EST

Beyond 2004: The Future of the Black Vote

The 2004 election has critical implications for African-Americans and the future of progressivism. African-American turnout surged almost 25 percent as compared with 2000. Eleven percent of the African-American vote went to President Bush, up from eight percent in 2000. The results were more striking in swing states like Ohio and Florida, where Bush’s support among African-Americans almost doubled from four years ago. Why are African-Americans, traditionally the most loyal progressive constituency, voting in somewhat larger numbers for the conservative presidential candidate? Does this modest shift forecast a more pronounced trend? Have the issues and values important to African-Americans changed? Have progressives changed, or taken African-Americans for granted? Or have progressives failed to communicate effectively? 

Video: Clyde Williams  |   Dr. Keith JenningsRev. Al Sharpton |  Alexis McGill   |  Armstrog Williams  |   Gregory Moore |  Discussion | Full Event Video

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