From Threat to Opportunity Report

From Threat to Opportunity

At a time of exponential growth across Africa, the United States stands to significantly benefit from growing trade and lasting alliances on the continent if it positions itself strategically today.

John Norris, Carolyn Kenney

International Justice on Trial? Report
Slobodan Milošević in presidential campaign in Krusevac, Montenegro, December 17, 1992. (Getty/Chip HIRES/Gamma-Rapho)

International Justice on Trial?

International justice is at a critical crossroads, offering a perfect moment to examine its key accomplishments, shortcomings, and challenges moving forward.

Carolyn Kenney, John Norris

Delivering Development After 2015 Report
Large posters of late Ethiopian leader Meles Zenawi are displayed on one of the streets in Addis Ababa. (AP/Elias Asmare)

Delivering Development After 2015

The conversation on the post-2015 development agenda is shifting from defining goals to financing and implementation, providing both opportunities and challenges as financing negotiations culminate in July 2015.

Molly Elgin-Cossart

Applying Universal Goals to the United States Report
People buy vegetables at a market in Hyderabad, India, Saturday, March 15, 2014. (AP/Mahesh Kumar A.)

Applying Universal Goals to the United States

One of the most innovative elements of the emerging post-2015 global development agenda is a focus on universality. What would that mean in the United States?

John Norris, Molly Elgin-Cossart, Casey Dunning

Reducing Poverty Through Climate Action Report
A smoky sunset is seen behind the Alameda County Superior Courthouse in Oakland, California, on September 14, 2020. (Getty/East Bay Times/Digital First Media/Jane Tyska)

Reducing Poverty Through Climate Action

Ending poverty and preventing catastrophic climate change is within our reach, especially if countries commit to a new global development agenda that improves livelihoods in ways that support low-carbon and sustainable economic growth.

Molly Elgin-Cossart, Cathleen Kelly, Abigail Jones

The Case for Regional Compacts Report

The Case for Regional Compacts

As the Millennium Challenge Corporation approaches its 10-year anniversary, it must explore and implement new aid approaches to stay on the cutting edge of international development best practices. Embracing regional compacts and regional threshold programs would allow the MCC to increase its number of beneficiaries and the sustained impact of its work at little to no additional cost.

Paul Applegarth, Casey Dunning, John Norris

Is Local Spending Better? Report
A U.S. Marine rests against palates of USAID supplies bound for cyclone-devastated Myanmar at the Utapao Air Force base near the southern city of Rayong, Thailand, Wednesday, May 14, 2008. (AP/Wally Santana)

Is Local Spending Better?

By better defining the rationale behind procurement reform, increasing transparency, and using current mechanisms to expand its partner base, USAID can greatly increase its partnerships with local institutions while also building support for this critical reform within the U.S. development community.

Casey Dunning

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