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Trinh Q. Truong

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Trinh Q. Truong is a research assistant on the Immigration Policy team at American Progress. Prior to this role, Truong conducted research on the intersection between social, criminal justice, and immigration policy with deported former refugees in Southeast Asia. She has experience working in the areas of refugee resettlement, immigration organizing, and at an immigrant bail fund. Truong is a former refugee.

Truong holds a bachelor’s degree from Yale University in political science, an undergraduate certificate in human rights from Yale Law School, and a master’s degree in refugee and forced migration studies from the University of Oxford.



Why Immigration Relief Matters Article
Visitors write messages in support of immigrant essential workers.

Why Immigration Relief Matters

Undocumented immigrants make significant economic contributions and are integral members of communities across the United States; immigration relief is necessary to continue growing the economy and strengthening communities nationwide, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trinh Q. Truong