K-12 Education Policy

The K-12 Education Policy team is committed to developing policies for a new education agenda rooted in principles of opportunity for all and equity in access.

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What We're Doing

Racial equity and community-informed policies

K-12 Education applies an explicit race and resource equity lens to our policy and research agenda. We set a standard where equity is centered in all education policymaking and practice, and where institutional racism is called out and addressed as a barrier to progress.

College, career, and civic readiness

We are dedicated to preparing all students for college, civic engagement, and the workforce. We recognize the importance of the K-12 education system in providing every child with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in higher education and a changing workforce.

Modernizing and elevating the teaching profession

We recognize that no education reform effort can be successful without teachers. We are working to modernize and elevate the teaching profession so that teachers receive the training, pay, and respect they deserve and all students have access to high-quality teachers.

Investment and funding equity for public education

We know that funding matters in education, and there are both racial and socioeconomic disparities in investment and opportunities. We are fighting for increased investment and more equitable funding systems so that schools and students receive the resources they deserve.

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Featured work

Coalition Partners

The K-12 Education team is grateful to be part of several great coalitions that allow education advocates and community members to share information, coordinate advocacy, brainstorm policy proposals, and more.

Public Education Big Table Coalition

This coalition represents a group of education, civil rights, disability, research, and community organizations working on K-12 education policy and advocacy.


This national coalition of diverse education organizations and educators sought to transform the systems and policies that support teachers to ensure all students have access to great teaching.

Community Partners

Our team believes that education policymaking should be developed with support from the community. We collaborate with community-based groups to hold conversations with educators, administrators, students, and parents and incorporate these stories and insights into our policy proposals and advocacy. Here are some of the organizations we have worked with.

About our team

We are deeply committed to the role of education in building an equitable and just society. Our approach is to apply an explicit racial equity lens to problem-solving. That lens requires us to engage the communities and people most deeply impacted by education policies in our research, advocacy, and coalition-building. A combination of professional expertise and expertise from the lived experiences of community members allows us to develop and advocate for ideas that will expand opportunity, build a strong democracy, and advance an inclusive economy, both now and in the future.


Fact Sheet: Targeted Grants for Educational Excellence Program Fact Sheet
 (An educator teaches integrated math at a high school in Pasadena, California, April 2021.)

Fact Sheet: Targeted Grants for Educational Excellence Program

This fact sheet outlines the details of a proposed grant program that would increase recruitment and retention of highly qualified educators in schools with the highest teacher turnover.

Bayliss Fiddiman, Lisette Partelow

School Accountability in First-Round ESSA State Plans Fact Sheet

School Accountability in First-Round ESSA State Plans

Sixteen states and Washington, D.C., submitted plans to the Education Department for school accountability under ESSA.

Samantha Batel, Laura Jimenez

President Trump’s Education Plan Puts Students and Schools at Risk Fact Sheet
Then-President-elect Donald Trump, center, welcomes his pick for education secretary, Betsy DeVos, right, to the stage during a rally at DeltaPlex Arena, December 9, 2016, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. ((AP/Andrew Harnik))

President Trump’s Education Plan Puts Students and Schools at Risk

A CAP chart illustrates the differences between strong policies for public charter schools and the plan from President Donald Trump and his secretary of education nominee, Betsy DeVos.

Kami Spicklemire, Neil Campbell

7 Tenets to Sustain Successful School Turnaround Fact Sheet
Public school buses are parked in Springfield, Illinois. (AP/Seth Perlman)

7 Tenets to Sustain Successful School Turnaround

This fact sheet provides a guide for state policymakers to improve their most struggling schools.

Scott Sargrad, Samantha Batel, Karen Hawley Miles, 1 More Karen Baroody

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