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Equal Pay Day

Paycheck Fairness Act

What Causes the Gender Wage Gap?

On this year’s Equal Pay Day, it is important to understand why the gender wage gap exists.

Interactive: The Game of Wages

cursor icon Interactive This interactive infographic shows how the gender wage gap manifests itself for two hardworking Americans.

Growing Occupations Could Help Decrease the Wage Gap if They Were to Pay a Living Wage

Though women have the majority of jobs in many of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy, these industries are also the lowest paying, meaning women will continue to experience wage gaps in coming years unless we address this issue.

Unequal Pay Day for Immigrant Women

bars icon Charts Numbers show that immigrant women are disproportionally impacted by unequal pay.

The Gender Wage Gap Differs by Occupation

Of the more than 500 occupations surveyed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women on average earn more than men in just seven professions and earn less than men in all other jobs.

African American female teacher

How Pay Inequity Hurts Women of Color

article icon Issue Brief With women being the breadwinners in a growing number of families, pay equity isn’t only a basic right, it is an economic necessity—particularly for women of color.

Denise Armstrong

Top 10 Numbers that Show Why Pay Equity Matters to African American Women and Their Families

Pay equity is not only necessary to promote a just workforce in the long run; it is also needed for the immediate benefit of the children and families of these hardworking women.

Latina woman

Top 10 Numbers that Show Why Pay Equity Matters to Latina Women and Their Families

As Latinas continue to comprise a growing share of our nation’s population, we must continue to push forward the importance of pay equity.

Top 10 Numbers that Show Why Pay Equity Matters to Asian American Women and Their Families

Closing the wage gap will bring more Asian American women into leadership positions, give equal opportunity to immigrant women, and bring positive change to all of our communities.

Native American woman

Top 10 Numbers That Show Why Pay Equity Matters to Native American Women and Their Families

As the fight to close the gender wage gap continues, it is imperative to pay attention to the needs of Native American women and their families, and ensure that they truly have equal access to health care, education, and a respectable standard of living.

For Gay Workers, Job Security Supersedes Pay Equity

Extraordinarily high rates of employment discrimination based on their sexual orientation and gender identity could also factor into the wage gap for LGBT employees.

Rosie The Riveter On A Wind Turbine: Women And The Growing Green Economy

The rapidly growing green sector offers an opportunity for a more equitable and inclusive workforce that can help to narrow the gender wage gap and build a stronger economy. External Link Icon

How Much Does The Average Woman Make Compared To The Men In Your State?

Researchers at the American Association of University Women gathered the most recent federal statistics on gender wage gap in every state. External Link Icon

The Higher The Pay, The Higher The Pay Gap

As a society we need to fight for equal pay at all levels, including in the upper hierarchies of the more selective and competitive jobs. Great strides for equal pay have already been made, but the problem isn’t solved at "good enough." External Link Icon

The Pay Gap Affects Millennial Women, Too

Millennial women will be paid about 82 cents for every dollar paid to men. While it's true that men and women tend to major in different things or go into different fields, AAUW’s research compared similar men and women and found a 7 percent pay gap just one year after college, which suggests that discrimination is at work. External Link Icon