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U.S. – Russia Relations and Next Week’s Moscow Summit
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U.S. – Russia Relations and Next Week’s Moscow Summit

NEW REPORT: After the “Reset”: A Strategy and New Agenda for U.S. Russia Policy

By Samuel Charap with Laura Conley, Peter Juul, Andrew Light, Julian L. Wong | July 2, 2009

Secretary Cohen joins John Podesta, Rudy deLeon and Samuel Charap to launch this new report at the Center for American Progress.

WASHINGTON D.C. – Earlier today, Secretary Cohen discussed the upcoming Summit in Moscow with President Obama, and expressed his optimism for the future of U.S. – Russia relations at an event featuring the release of this report; "There is a Russian proverb that winter doesn’t begin until the third snow. Well, we had the first snow with the cold war. We’ve had the second snow for the last decade. And President Obama, I think, is truly dedicated to preventing the third snow – making sure it doesn’t snow in July when he goes there next week…"

The Center for American Progress’s new report “After the ‘Reset’: A Strategy and New Agenda for U.S. Russia Policy” outlines how the administration should conduct its Russia policy moving forward. It offers a progressive strategy for Russia and innovative policy recommendations to broaden and deepen the bilateral agenda, including proposals on:

  • Cooperation on climate change and energy efficiency
  • Building a legislative compromise to repeal the Jackson-Vanik amendment
  • Engagement to revive negotiations on the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty

Read more and download the full report here.

Download a brief on the report’s policy recommendations here.

Watch the full video of the event here.



Experts Preview the Moscow Summit and U.S.-Russia Arms Control Talks, Discuss North Korea‘s Nuclear Ambitions.

 · Listen to audio of the press call here.

· Read transcript of the press call here. (pdf)


U.S.-Russia Climate and Energy Efficiency Cooperation: A Neglected Challenge


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