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The Media, The Economy and Workers: The Election Anomaly
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The Media, The Economy and Workers: The Election Anomaly

June 20, 2008, 10:00am – 11:30am

The media has begun focusing of late on the appeal of various candidates to white, working-class voters. But how deep does this newfound interest in these workers go? A unique new quantitative study by the Center for American Progress finds that the media ignores ordinary workers and instead covers economic issues from the perspective of business. "Journalists Give Workers the Business" raises serious questions about whether the media is fairly covering economic issues, living up to its own standards, and properly serving democracy.

A panel of experienced economic journalists, a labor leader, and the study’s author will discuss how the media cover the economy and whether anything could change during this election cycle. It will examine why coverage has been skewed and the impact of this portrayal of our economy as a world without workers.

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Featured Panelists:

Philip Dine, Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist and author of State of the Unions

William Greider, National affairs correspondent for The Nation and best-selling author

Steve Trossman, Communications Director, SEIU

David Madland, Director of the American Worker Project, Center for American Progress; Author of the report, "Journalists Give Workers the Business"

Moderated by:

Sarah Rosen Wartell, Executive Vice President for Management, Center for American Progress

Copies of State of the Unions will be available for purchase at the event.

Coffee will be served.

RSVP contact: Marlene Cooper Vasilic, 202-682-1611


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