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STATEMENT: CAP Founder John Podesta: Budget Outline, Build Back Better Agenda Will Bring Economic Growth That Benefits Everybody
Press Statement

Washington, D.C. — John Podesta, founder and chair of the board of directors at the Center for American Progress, released the following statement today on the Democratic Senate budget agreement, which lays the groundwork for President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda:

President Biden and Democrats in Congress are recognizing the magnitude of the challenges that have been holding back American families and economic growth—and seizing the opportunity to finally address them. It is no wonder that every policy in this proposal has majority support from Republicans, Democrats, and independents across the country.

From supporting working families through paid leave, child care, home care, and health care to creating millions of new jobs addressing the existential threat of climate change, these long-term improvements to our economy will usher in a new era of sustained growth that can benefit everybody—not just those at the top. Similarly, every serious analysis has shown that reforming our broken immigration system will lift economic growth for decades ahead. Restoring fairness to our tax code through the biggest tax cut for families in American history and closing tax loopholes that big corporations and the super-wealthy exploit will make our economy even stronger.

President Biden and Democrats in Congress have fulfilled their pledge to work in good faith with Republicans to find common ground while also keeping their promises to tackle the huge challenges facing the American people.

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