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STATEMENT: CAP Economist Kate Bahn on Nomination of Linda McMahon to Lead the Small Business Administration
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STATEMENT: CAP Economist Kate Bahn on Nomination of Linda McMahon to Lead the Small Business Administration

Washington, D.C. — Center for American Progress Economist Kate Bahn issued the following statement on the nomination of former World Wrestling Entertainment, or WWE, CEO Linda McMahon to head the Small Business Administration:

Like President-elect Donald Trump, Linda McMahon tried—though failed—to buy her way into public service, spending nearly $100 million of her personal fortune on two unsuccessful Senate races. Despite campaigning on a pledge to represent everyday Americans, Trump has nominated yet another multimillionaire, show-business executive to his Cabinet. To be clear, however, Trump is nothing if not loyal: Linda McMahon donated millions to Trump’s personal foundation and a pro-Trump super PAC, giving over $6 million to the latter—a donation beyond the imagination of an average small-business owner in America. And her investment has paid off quite nicely with her nomination to lead the Small Business Administration.

As the backbone of a dynamic American economy, small businesses shape our country by encouraging innovation, helping business owners build assets for their families, and developing vibrant communities. Yet, small businesses face unique challenges competing against established corporations, which are able to leverage their market power against small businesses, creating an uneven playing field. Linda McMahon, former CEO of the WWE, represents exactly the big business interests that are holding back entrepreneurs and small businesses in America.

In addition to her lack of background supporting small businesses, McMahon has been a virulent opponent of the Affordable Care Act—critical to millions of working-class Americans. With McMahon, Trump has added another major Republican powerhouse donor to the swamp, flying in the face of working Americans that lifted him to victory. Trump has proven his administration will be a pay-to-play estate, able to be bought by his rich friends and on the backs of small-business owners and working Americans everywhere. But more than anything else, Trump is showing that it’s all just a head fake: Nominating the former head of the WWE to help level the playing field for small businesses is about as real as a Stone Cold Stunner.

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