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RELEASE: What You Need To Know About Gen Z’s Support for Unions
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RELEASE: What You Need To Know About Gen Z’s Support for Unions

Washington, D.C. – Generation Z is America’s more pro-union generation, and their high level of union support is helping them achieve economic security. A new CAP column explores how policymakers can better understand Gen Z’s support for unions and how unions benefit the most pro-union generation alive today.

Gen Z’s widespread support for unions is exceptional in that it narrows traditional class and political divides in union support. While self-identified Republicans describe themselves as less supportive of unions, the majority of Gen Z Republicans support unions, helping narrow the partisan gap significantly and nearly completely eliminating the working-class gap. This new column argues that unions help Gen Zers achieve economic security by increasing wages, securing economic benefits such as health insurance and access to retirement plans. The column also examines how Gen Zers are leading successful organizing campaigns across the country, despite some big corporations being accused of anti-union actions and rhetoric. 

“Workers who want to form a union in the United States today face myriad obstacles. Young workers need policymakers who champion their rights to speak up on the job. Congress should pass the Protecting the Right to Organize Act, which would strengthen workers’ legal organizing protections,” said Aurelia Glass, research associate for Inclusive Economy at CAP and author of the column. 

Read the column: “What You Need To Know About Gen Z’s Support for Unions” by Aurelia Glass

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