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RELEASE: U.S. Companies are Investing in Climate Resilient Infrastructure, the United States Must Also
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RELEASE: U.S. Companies are Investing in Climate Resilient Infrastructure, the United States Must Also

Washington, D.C. — The U.S. private sector is already learning the lessons from extreme weather caused by climate change. Companies throughout the country are investing billions to protect their infrastructure. Even the oil companies—notorious climate change deniers—are protecting their multibillion-dollar infrastructure assets from rising sea levels, more severe storms and hotter temperatures.

However, as the Oroville Dam spillway breach exemplifies, America’s infrastructure and communities are also in need of protection from climate change related threats. The Center for American Progress has released a column looking at the benefits of climate change risk management and calling on the Trump administration to make the proper investments to safeguard U.S. infrastructure and communities.

“The Oroville dam spillway breach is just the latest climate alarm that our infrastructure needs protecting from climate change related threats,” said Cathleen Kelly, CAP Senior Fellow and author of the paper. “Companies all over the world are seeing the need to invest in climate change protection. Even the president’s own companies are doing the same. Surely, U.S. infrastructure isn’t immune to these threats and require the similar protections as private investments. President Trump should take a page from his own playbook and invest in climate change resilient infrastructure and communities.”

NASA and NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, agree that there is ample evidence for a clear link between extreme weather and a sustained climate warming trend. This has brought and will continue to bring, droughts, floods, extreme storms, sea level rise and other threats on a scale that has not been historically seen. U.S. infrastructure and communities are under-prepared for this threat and the Trump administration should take steps to invest in climate resilient projects now to mitigate the damage later.

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