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RELEASE: While Trump Is a Danger to the Climate, There Is Hope In the Resistance
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RELEASE: While Trump Is a Danger to the Climate, There Is Hope In the Resistance

Washington, D.C. — Contrary to their own rhetoric, President Donald Trump and his administration do not have a mandate to undo years of progress in the battle against climate change. The president has made clear that he intends to pursue a special interest-driven agenda that denies the existence of climate change and seeks to undo basic environmental protections, despite overwhelming public opposition.

In an issue brief released today, Center for American Progress Board Member and Founder John Podesta outlines a two-pronged strategy by which the United States can defend and advance its gains on clean energy and climate change, despite the Trump administration’s anti-environmental agenda. Podesta first notes the power and importance of citizen activism, engagement, and resistance in stopping the Trump administration’s attacks on climate policies. Second, he argues that mayors and governors can use their authority to achieve additional reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the impacts of climate change on their communities.

“In the face of President Donald Trump and his rampage against environmental laws that will make climate change worse, we must lift up leadership at other levels of our country to continue to make progress in the fight against this global challenge,” said Podesta. “At the same time, every American should find hope in the resistance that has emerged in these few short months and add their voices to help stop the illegal and overreaching activities of this administration.”

Despite the falsehoods spouted by the Trump administration that environmental regulations are job killers, the economy is clearly voting for climate action. Most Americans believe climate change is a real problem and support steps to cut carbon pollution. Recent election analysis shows that the counties won by Hillary Clinton—who ran on climate action as a pillar of her campaign—account for 64 percent of U.S. economic output. What’s more, between 2008 and 2015, carbon emissions shrunk by 9 percent while the economy grew by 10 percent.

Clean energy has emerged as a powerful driving force in the U.S. economy and enjoys the backing of the American people. It is up to local leaders and the general public to push back on the legal unravelling of climate protections the Trump administration is currently engaged in.

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