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UPDATE: Coverage Losses By Congressional District Under House ACA Repeal Bill
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UPDATE: Coverage Losses By Congressional District Under House ACA Repeal Bill

Update: The Center for American Progress has issued a correction for data provided in the state-by-state report outlined below revealing coverage losses by congressional district. CAP’s district-by-district estimates have been updated to correct the Congressional Budget Office’s, or CBO’s estimates of changes in Medicaid coverage and to correct the numbers of North Dakotans and Louisianans enrolled in expanded Medicaid.

 The CBO has not yet provided a score for the manager’s amendment. The coverage losses in CAP’s  estimates are derived from the CBO’s score on the earlier version of the bill.

Washington, D.C. — As members of Congress abandon the U.S. House of Representatives majority’s health care reform proposal one-by-one ahead of a scheduled floor vote, the Center for American Progress released a state-by-state report revealing coverage losses by congressional district. This data analysis is based on the CBO’s score report, which shows that an average of 55,000 individuals per district would lose health insurance over the next decade.

“Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle have expressed grave concerns for their constituents’ health and well-being under Trumpcare. In Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) own district in Wisconsin, the health care repeal bill would leave 49,600 Wisconsinites without coverage,” said Topher Spiro, Vice President for Health Policy at the CAP.

CAP’s report calculates the number of people who would be uninsured in each district under the American Health Care Act for several categories of coverage types.

Click here to download the full district breakdown.

Click here to view a CAP Action map “TrumpCare By the Numbers” in each state.

Click here to read “Coverage Losses Under the ACA Repeal Bill for Congressional Districts in All States” by David Cutler and Emily Gee.

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