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RELEASE: CAP Urges National AI Strategy to Address Jobs, National Security, Civil Rights
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RELEASE: CAP Urges National AI Strategy to Address Jobs, National Security, Civil Rights

Washington, D.C. — As the Biden administration prepares an executive order on the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI), the Center for American Progress is calling on the White House to include an AI jobs plan—including a jobs guarantee—to ensure the new technology is used in a way that complements workers and does not replace them.

In a comment letter submitted last month, and made public today, CAP urges the White House to outline a national AI strategy that addresses AI’s impact on policy areas, including civil rights, national security, climate, economic growth, democracy, and public services. The letter says an executive order should make the “Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights” binding U.S. law, contain a national jobs plan, and address the equity and discrimination risks of AI applications.

“The Biden administration must take an immediate all-of-government approach to address the challenges and opportunities of AI,” said Megan Shahi, director of Technology Policy at CAP and co-author of the comments. “CAP’s recommendations for a national AI strategy offer one of the only comprehensive actions for the government to immediately address AI’s impact on everything from civil rights to jobs and national security.”

The letter highlights the importance of direct government regulation to ensure the development and deployment of trustworthy AI and recommends that any forthcoming legislation should mitigate possible risks to Americans.

The comments call for the following actions:

  • The White House should immediately issue an executive order on AI that makes the Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights binding for federal government use of AI, sets an end-of-year deadline for a national AI strategy, and immediately establishes a new White House Council on Artificial Intelligence.
  • Any forthcoming AI guidance must center equity and civil rights as ordered by 2021 and 2023 executive orders on racial equity and support for underserved communities.
  • The national AI strategy must contain a plan to address economic impacts from AI, including with a job guarantee and a general monopoly tax.
  • To safeguard elections, the White House should encourage limiting the use of AI systems in election administration, encourage innovation to detect deep fakes and disinformation campaigns, and enhance cybersecurity measures for election infrastructure.

Read the comments: “Priorities for a National AI Strategy” by Megan Shahi and Adam Conner

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