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RELEASE: CAP Analysis Examines Build Back Better Act’s Investments in Rural America

RELEASE: CAP Analysis Examines Build Back Better Act’s Investments in Rural America

Washington, D.C. — A new analysis from the Center for American Progress examines the investments that the Build Back Better Act will make in rural America in renewable energy, forest restoration, and agricultural research necessary to address climate change.

It discusses how current rural development funding and policy is not up to the task of reversing the very real economic, geographic, and policy headwinds affecting rural communities. Economic development grants and loan programs are too often siloed and short-term. They often include competitive and complex applications and reporting requirements and require matching funds out of reach of rural communities with little capacity.

“The Build Back Better Act will make building block investments in infrastructure, energy generation, and land and water restoration that are critical to dealing with the climate crisis,” said Mark Haggerty, co-author of the column and a senior fellow at CAP. “And it will make sure that rural communities benefit when these building block investments are made.”

A set of underlying principles will guide these foundational investments. These principles focus on place-based solutions and investing in working people, as well as on better aligning public and private sectors, the column says.

Read the column: “Build Back Rural: New Investments in Rural Capacity, People, and Innovation” by Mark Haggerty, Mike Williams, Lily Roberts, and Mikyla Reta

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