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NEW REPORT: Transitioning to a New U.S. International Economic Policy – Toward a “Global Deal
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NEW REPORT: Transitioning to a New U.S. International Economic Policy – Toward a “Global Deal

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WASHINGTON, DC – The Center for American Progress released a report today by senior fellow and managing director of the World Economic Forum Richard Samans entitled, "Transitioning to a New U.S. International Economic Policy – Toward a “Global Deal” to Revive and Broaden the Benefits of Growth."

The report stresses the importance of the international community reversing the current vicious circle in the world economy and turning it into a stronger virtuous circle of synergistic advances in living standards in rich and poor countries alike.

Samans lays out the idea of a "Global Deal," with both international and domestic components that can mobilize advanced and emerging economies to take coordinated, mutually reinforcing actions in two respects: measures to stabilize the world economy; and structural reforms that diversify the foundations of global growth and broaden its benefits . This will be achieved by establishing a new paradigm of global economic integration—a Roosevelt Consensus—that places parallel and equal emphasis on liberalization and institution building.

CAP hosted a private roundtable meeting of key domestic and international policy makers and thinkers moderated by Rick Samans on these issues and others on Thursday, December 11th. Participants in the meeting included: Catherine Ashton, Trade Commissioner, European Union, Charlene Barshefsky, Senior International Partner, Wilmer Hale, LLP, Sharan Burrow, President, International Trade Union Confederation, Simon Crean, Minister for Trade, Australia, Trevor Manuel, Minister of Finance, South Africa, Raymond Offenheiser, President, Oxfam America, and Pier Carlo Padoan, Deputy Secretary General, OECD.

Read the full report (pdf)

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