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CAP Health Experts Available for Comment on President Obama’s Proposed Budget
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CAP Health Experts Available for Comment on President Obama’s Proposed Budget

"In the past year, policymakers have focused on modernizing our nation’s health delivery system and expanding coverage. The President’s budget includes a number of initiatives that help build the foundation for comprehensive health care reform, working in tandem with proposals pending in Congress.

“This budget recognizes that millions of Americans struggle with problems in our current health care system, and it funds initiatives to alleviate these issues. They include: additional federal matching funds to help the states with Medicaid costs and maintain coverage; Medicare payment reform demonstrations designed to align provider payments with costs and outcomes and improve management of chronic diseases; further investments in research that determines which treatments work best; enhanced funding for community health centers to provide primary and preventive health care in underserved areas; and expanded prevention and wellness activities, including community-based demonstrations and workplace wellness initiatives.

"We applaud President Obama for his continuing resolve to address our nation’s health care crisis, and we look forward to Congress passing comprehensive health reform legislation this year."

Below are the health policy experts at the Center for American Progress who are able to discuss the President’s budget:

Karen Davenport, Director of Health Policy

Judy Feder, Senior Fellow

Ellen-Marie Whelan, Associate Director of Health Policy and Senior Health Policy Analyst

Lesley Russell, Visiting Fellow

To speak with any of our experts, please contact:

Print: Jason Rahlan, 202.481.8132 or [email protected]

Radio: John Neurohr 202.481.8182 or [email protected]

TV: Andrea Purse 202.741.6250 or [email protected]