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In Search of Sustainable Security Report
Military personnel from the USS Abraham Lincoln battle group load relief goods of food and water onto a Seahawk helicopter in Banda Aceh along the western coast of Indonesia's Sumatra island. (AP/Richard Vogel)

In Search of Sustainable Security

This report, the first in a series of six, provides analysis and recommendations for a new approach that combines national security, human security, and collective security.

Gayle Smith

Kenya: Containing a Rebounding Crisis Report

Kenya: Containing a Rebounding Crisis

A strategy report from the ENOUGH project on how to ensure peace, protection, and accountability in Kenya and the region.

Gayle Smith

The Politics of Aid Article

The Politics of Aid

Gayle Smith discusses the evolution of foreign aid under the Bush administration and before in Human Rights.

Gayle Smith

Revamping U.S. Foreign Assistance Report

Revamping U.S. Foreign Assistance

HELP Commission report highlights why cabinet-level leadership can ensure foreign assistance helps the poor help themselves, writes Gayle Smith.

Gayle Smith

Genocide and the Rule of Law Article

Genocide and the Rule of Law

Senior Fellow Gayle Smith tells the House Judiciary Committee that the Genocide Accountability Act is of critical importance to both principle and policy.

Gayle Smith

Peacekeeping in Darfur Article

Peacekeeping in Darfur

"Peacekeeping for Protection and Peace in Darfur" outlines elements necessary for the success of the U.N./A.U. hybrid mission in Darfur.

Gayle Smith

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