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Bad Seeds Report
Poorly designed and ineffective agricultural subsidy programs weaken the competitiveness of our nation’s farmers and rural communities, drain taxpayer resources, and should be reformed. (AP/Nati Harnik)

Bad Seeds

Report from Jake Caldwell argues for reform of our direct payment agricultural subsidy programs, which could save $35 billion by 2020.

Jake Caldwell

Feeding Japan in Crisis Article

Feeding Japan in Crisis

Jake Caldwell calls for U.S. and international emergency aid to help Japan meet higher food-import needs amid global volatility in food prices.

Jake Caldwell

A Devastating Perfect Storm Article

A Devastating Perfect Storm

Jake Caldwell explains why a confluence of factors is making a bad situation worse for the world’s poor, with possible cuts to U.S. food aid just over the horizon.

Jake Caldwell

Making Egypt More Food Secure Article
Egyptians buy government-subsidized bread from a bakery in Cairo, Egypt. Egypt has spent $4 billion a year, or 1.8 percent of GDP, on its bread subsidization program in an attempt to insulate the 40 percent of Egyptians living on less than $2 a day from inflation. But prices continue to rise. (AP/Hossam Ali)

Making Egypt More Food Secure

Jake Caldwell outlines the dangers to Egypt’s food supply and how the United States can help as the country undergoes profound changes.

Jake Caldwell

EPA and Greenhouse Gases 101 Article
The nation’s fossil fuel power plants, such as this coal-fueled plant in Washington pictured above, and oil refineries are collectively responsible for 40 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions per year. (AP/Ted S. Warren)

EPA and Greenhouse Gases 101

Jake Caldwell on why preventing the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act is dangerous and a threat to public health.

Jake Caldwell

Fine Tuning Our Biofuels Policy Article
This type of woody biomass is a a pellet made with wood waste and a small amount of plastic binder and is part of the next generation of biofuels. (AP/John Flesher)

Fine Tuning Our Biofuels Policy

Jake Caldwell runs through recently announced USDA and EPA biofuels policy measures and how they can be improved to reap the greatest economic and environmental benefits.

Jake Caldwell

The Coming Food Crisis In the News

The Coming Food Crisis

Global food security is stretched to the breaking point, and Russia's fires and Pakistan's floods are only making a bad situation worse, write John Podesta and Jake Caldwell in Foreign Policy.

John Podesta, Jake Caldwell

End the Raids on Clean Energy Funding Article
Project developer Stephan Noe is dwarfed by one of the 400-foot-high wind turbines at the Crescent Ridge Windpower Project near Tiskilwa, IL. Federal loan guarantees help ensure that projects like Noe's can move forward. (AP/Charles Rex Arbogast)

End the Raids on Clean Energy Funding

Congress’s further cuts to federal loan guarantees for clean energy projects are a big mistake, write Jake Caldwell and Richard Caperton.

Jake Caldwell, Richard W. Caperton

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