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Poor Measurement for Poverty Article

Poor Measurement for Poverty

Policymakers should modernize the poverty measure. The current guideline does not take into account key provisions in the stimulus package such as the creation of a Making Work Pay Tax Credit and the expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Mark Greenberg

How to Help 12 Million Low-Income Children Article
A working mother sits with her sons and nephew waiting to speak to someone at a nonprofit about receiving the benefits that she needs to help care for her family. (AP/Kiichiro Sato)

How to Help 12 Million Low-Income Children

House recovery legislation goes further than the Senate on revising the Child Tax Credit and would bring help to 12 million low-income children, writes Mark Greenberg.

Mark Greenberg

Improving the Measurement of Poverty Article

Improving the Measurement of Poverty

Mark Greenberg and Rebecca Blank recommend the adoption of a new poverty measure, along the lines recommended by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), in order to provide a more accurate measure of economic need in the United States.

Defining Poverty Article

Defining Poverty

Mark Greenberg, Director of CAP's Task Force on Poverty, testifies to Congress on why the method for measuring poverty should be updated.

Mark Greenberg